Well Completion Services

  • Well Completion Services

    At Frontier International, we offer a wide range of solutions to address any challenging downhole environment through our sister company Frontier Oil Tools.

    Frontier Oil Tools is a service company providing an innovative and cost-effective suite of completion systems and services for maximum hydrocarbon recovery.

    Our portfolio of completion systems includes, but is not limited to:

    • Liner Hangers
    • Completion Packers
    • Service Packers
    • Open Hole Packers & Sleeves
    • Toe Sleeves
    • Frac Plugs
    • Straddle Systems
    • Formation Protection Valve

    We will help you reduce well construction costs and minimize risks in a wide variety of applications.

    Our diverse in-house machining capabilities allow Frontier’s products to be manufactured from raw stock in our Houston plant. We have a thorough testing, validation, and factory acceptance-check system that ensures all our products exceed specification and adhere to a rigid quality program, managed by API-certified personnel. Our capabilities give us the ability to control costs and deliver high-quality tools at exceptional prices.

    Starting as an R&D facility, we wanted to control as much of the manufacturing process as possible to ensure a quality product. With that aim – we chose our equipment to cover the full manufacturing process to minimize outsourced activities. In fact, the only components of Frontier’s Oil Tools not produced in-house are plastic and rubber components.

    With manufacturing established, we then aimed to streamline the efficiency of assembly and factory-acceptance testing through layout, tools, and a mobile FAT platform with closed-loop fluid control for hydro-static tests. This keeps us moving fast in fulfilling customer’s orders.

    Our system is maintained by API Q1 certification. At Frontier, our warehouse managers, programmers, and machinist take pride in upholding the strict quality guidelines that API has laid out for us. API standards guarantee quality in our engineering design process.

    Frontier Oil Tools API Licenses & Certifications:

    • Certification Q1-3480
  • Open-Hole Well Completion

    • Hydraulic and mechanical liner hanger systems Stage cementing collars
    • Inflatable and swellable annular packers
    • Multistage hydraulic fracturing systems.
  • Cased-Hole Well Completion

    • Packer systems (non-retrievable/retrievable packers and auxiliary equipment)
    • Completion accessories (landing nipples, circulation valves, plugs etc.)
    • The Defender FPV (formation protection valve) system protecting the formation from the well- killing fluid.
  • Expandable Casing Solutions

    At Frontier International, whatever the job needs, we have access to any solutions backed by the best-in-class service expertise and facilities through our strong partnership.

    We provide Open Hole Packers to use in uncemented Multi-Stage Liner installations for zonal isolation.

    This hydraulically set packer is specifically designed to set and seal in the open hole straddling a ball open frac sleeve, isolating the open hole interval for selective fracturing.


    • Service life is the one of the well service life
    • Adjustable length
    • Set in several intervals of the production string (bottom to top)
    • Maximum operating temperature up to 150 °С (300 °F)
    • Maximum permissible collapse pressure up to 250 atm (3,630 PSI)
    • Maximum permissible burst pressure up to 450 atm (6,530 PSI)
    • Maximum permissible load up to 50 t (110,000 lbs)
    • Retrievable
    • Corrosion resistance to acid, HC, H2S
  • Technology Expertise and Benefits

    • Equipment designs tailored to customer-specific requirements
    • Prompt communication between manufacturing and engineering personnel at the immediate point of service
    • Rapid adaptation of technology and equipment to customer site conditions
    • Reduced production lead times.
  • Manufacturing

    A line of high-tech well completion equipment is manufactured by Frontier Oil Tools (Houston TX, USA), a subsidiary of Frontier International.

    Frontier Oil Tools API Licenses & Certifications:
    • Certification Q1-3480